September 15th, 2013

CosCol Week Recap #1

I've decided to (slowly) start posting all my recaps from my CosCol vacation, starting with the three days leading up to CosCol, two of which theladysarah and I spent in Disneyland! After all, I'm only a month and a half late, right?

Last year, on Sunday of CosCol, a bunch of people had talked about attending Disneyland in vintage wear the day or so before CosCol 2013. Although it worked out to only be Sarah and I, we had a lot of fun both in planning and attending - we decided to do Disney-inspired 50s looks. We stayed at a hotel walking distance from the park, which worked out very nicely. On the first day, we went to the Disneyland Park, and I wore my Briar Rose outfit (which I finished like two nights before I flew down there). Sarah wore a Maleficent-inspired vintage dress.

Me, mixing my medieval fairytales.                                      Sarah, looking awesome with Maleficent.

On day two, we went to CA Adventure. I wore my Snow White dress, and Sarah went as Ariel. And apparently I didn't take nearly as many pictures as the first day...

On Thursday, Sarah and I drove up to CosCol, stopping at the FIDM Museum and store on the way. It was so wonderful to see everyone again! I re-wore the Snow White dress, since I wanted something easy. After visiting everyone and meeting some new people (like the gorgeous the_aristocat!), Sarah and I attempted to eat at the hotel restaurant, so naturally, after 15 minutes of waiting to be seated, we wound up at PF Changs.

CosCol Week Recap #2 - Friday

Friday dawned bright and early, since I had a class at 9am. My first class was 18th c Criminal Couture, taught by Emma Cross, which was very fascinating! I wore my red wool riding habit, and met up (at various times) with bauhausfrau, girliegirl32786, jenthompson, and the_aristocat, who were all also decked out in riding habits and redingotes.

                                              Red!                                                                                           Blue!

After our first meetup, I attended peacockdress's "Starting a Small Costuming Business" class, had lunch with theladysarah and zoccolaro, checked out the costume exhibition, and eventually attended Loren and Bunny's "We Like Big Hats" class. And then I got ready for the Ice Cream Social! I wore my Robe a la Turque, which was nice, since it meant I hardly had to change at all from the afternoon. Unfortunately, for some reason pretty much all of my pictures from the Ice Cream Social came out really fuzzy, but I loved seeing all the different costumes! Some of my favorites were the Disney Villains, Kendra and Merja's Maja dresses, vanessa_lynne's amazing pink 18th c frothyness, Emma's 18th c tinkerbell, and Jen's Ikat open robe.

After the Ice Cream Social (and a brief and fairly disappointing turn round the Marketplace), it was time for the Pink Princess Party! I had more fun there this year than in year's past. It's a great time to get to actually slow down and chat with people I often don't otherwise see. I wore my fairytale toile dress, and felt like a 5-yr old going to a birthday party. Can't you tell?

I'll be back with the rest of the recaps soon!