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March 12th, 2018

I'm back!

I'm back from Europe! I think I'll try to do some trip wrap-up posts over the next week or so. In the meantime, I've already posted about 1500 pictures to facebook. And that's just England and France so far. I took soooo many pictures! Here's England and here's France

I did absolutely nothing yesterday besides editing and posting the pictures and doing laundry, but I do need to dive back into sewing. The Port Townsend Victorian Festival is in only 11 days! As much as I would love to finish (or at least make wearable) the new mauve stripey bustle dress, I'm not sure it can happen in that amount of time, since I also have rehearsals most nights. And really, what I need to do is make a bonnet (and maybe a collar?) for the 1830s dress, since I've committed to wearing that in the fashion show on Saturday. ( I'll probably wear that the rest of the day Saturday, too. I'm almost definitely going to wear the turquoise gala gown to the ball on Saturday night. I wore it last year, but it wasn't trimmed at the time. Though I think I'll leave the train at home, because that would just be a hazard, as tempted as I am to bring it. Then I need something relatively easy for Friday evening, since the events Friday have always been minimal at best. And something somewhat simple for Sunday, since it would just be worn the first part of the day. Assuming I can't make the new dress, then I'm debating about maybe bringing Titanic for Sunday, since that's quite easy. And maybe I'll do the skating dress again for Friday night. Or I'll figure out something even easier to pack, like my Edwardian skirt and blouse.

To be honest, I'm not really in a bustle mood right now, which is really weird for me! I have a strong desire to make new 18th c stays, and a slightly less strong desire to make an s-bend corset. For some reason, even though I'm doing a mid-1890s dress for the CoCo gala, I want to wear an s-bend with it. I don't know why. I think it's really that I want a really late 1890s dress, but I also prefer the giant sleeves. Is there any evidence for both of them together? I need the s-bend for the Edwardian walking dress I want to make, but it's such a pretty line that I want to wear it for more than that. 


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