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April 12th, 2018

Apr. 12th, 2018

I didn't get very far at all on the Regency dress yesterday. I took apart the mockup, made adjustments to the paper pattern pieces to reflect the mockup, and then cut out the silk for the bodice. All the pieces are pinned and ready to be flatlined with the serger. It took extra time because I decided I didn't want a darted bodice like the pattern had, so I darted the lining, made the silk piece just a little it larger, and ran gathering stitches at the top and bottom of the front piece. I'm worried I added a little too much, since now I think it's gathered more than I had wanted, but since it's the CF, I can't fix it without putting in a CF seam, and I definitely don't want that. 

Anyway, I have rehearsal tonight, but only for 1.5 hrs, so I should be able to come home and sew afterwards. At this point, with only tomorrow left before the Regency tea this weekend, it's looking extremely unlikely that I'll wear this new one. I'll probably just pull out the navy swiss dot and go with that instead. But I think I will wear this one at CoCo, most likely in place of the velvet-trimmed Edwardian dress I wanted to make. I think that's just going to be too labor intensive, considering I still have my gala dress to make as well. 


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