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April 1st, 2019

Apr. 1st, 2019

I'm still editing pictures from the three costume events I attended in March (the Outlander Ball, Emerald City Comicon, and the Victorian Festival). I've been posting some pictures from all three on instagram, and once I finish editing, I'll try to do a little picture post of each of the first two events on here. 

In the meantime, I'm on a sewing hiatus this month. I'm kind of in between roommates this month, as my current roommate is partially packed up and mostly living at her mom's house already, and I don't yet have one finalized for May yet (I'm hoping to this week, though!) Because of that, I've decided that it's time for house projects:

  • I still never finished painting my cabinet doors and drawers from my kitchen, which I started and abandoned back in Dec 2015. My goal for this project is to get the 5 lower cabinet doors painted, plus at least two drawers (I've become used to using the drawer spaces as shelves, so I plan to continue doing that for two of the four existing spaces). 
  • My bathtub faucet has been leaking for like a year, but has gotten pretty bad the last couple months, and I'm sure it's hurting my water bill. So I really want to get that fixed (though I have no idea how!)
  • I want to shape all the shrubs in my front yard. They were nice little round things when I moved in. Now they're pretty huge. I'm almost done with removing the giant shrub on my side yard, though - all I have left are the thicker base branches, which I will need someone with a chainsaw to help me.I'm hoping that I can still get my ladder up even with the base branches there, though, because that means I can finally clean the gutter on that side of the house (and probably install some gutter guards). 
  • The project that I'm most excited for, though, is revamping the storage closet area in my garage. It was built as a workroom, with a waist-high workbench on two walls, and shelves on the third wall. I'm going to remove the workbench and set it up as a closet! It already has actual dry-walled finished walls, so I think it's pretty well-sealed. I would love to be able to put up actual closet rods, and hang all the costumes in garment bags, but if I can't figure that out, I will get another ikea wardrobe, and move my existing one in there, too. I'm even wondering if I can set up a little space in there to do voiceover work. I've been wanting to get into that for a long time, but haven't had a space available for it. 
So anyway, there really won't be any sewing updates for the next month or so, other than a commission I might have, but I will be posting about housy stuff here!

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