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April 4th, 2019

Closet planning

Because I knew this would happen, I am probably going to work on the closet before the two more important projects.

Last night, I went in and cleaned off most of the workbench, including killing the biggest spider ever. I sprayed him with poison, he pretended to die for like 10 mins, and I thought all was well. Then I hear a tapping noise behind me, and it's because this humongous spider has come back to life and was so large that his feet were literally making tapping noises on the wood as he walked. Gross! So I sprayed him with a lot more poison, and before he could come back to life again, I used one of those claw extended reach things to squish him with a piece of poison soaked cardboard (that had been to near to the spider to remove from the workbench in the first place). Then I threw a tissue over him, and picked him up within the tissue using the claw grabber, deposited him in a trash can, and then squished him with the claw some more. I just needed to make sure he was really dead. 

So anyway, the workbench can now be removed. Though I am kind of paranoid that I'm going to run into another spider! And last night, I ordered hopefully all the closet supplies I will need, though I know that's a little premature. But I got brackets, shelves, and rods. It will wind up being kind of walk-in closet style, with a rod on either side of the entrance. In the back center, I hope to have some sort of shelving unit that can also act as a desk, because I want to see if the room would also work to do voiceover in. There is a shelving unit currently in the storage room, that were presumably built by whomever built the workbench, so I'm hoping that I can maybe just move that, since it would save me from dismantling it. 

I'm still trying to figure out lighting. Right now I have one of those clamp-on ikea desk lights in there, but I'd rather have something with a bit more even light. The problem is that the only plugs come from a surge protector that has been mounted on the wall by the door. 

Anyway, I'm hoping to have a little time tomorrow to start dismantling the workbench, though I also need to take a little time today or tomorrow to do yard work as well. 

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