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June 20th, 2019

Mockup Progress!

I didn't manage to get the other side of the mockup fixed on Tuesday, but I don't think that matters to much (yet, anyway). Yesterday, my friend Emily came over and helped me with a little more of the fitting - namely, helping me mark out the length of the bodice where it will meet the skirt. It is so nice to now have a sewing friend live so close! I'm super excited for more sewing days to come. We determined that the reason this bodice length was so challenging to figure out is because the original fashion plate is so out of proportion with actual humans. Talk about legs for days (or at least, waist to hem length for days). 

Anyway, we wound up pinning a wide ribbon around the bottom so that it would mimic the sash that goes over the seam, and it worked! The back of the bodice needed a fair amount of length cut off, and the front actually needs a few inches added. 

After she left, I seam ripped all the pieces, and cut off all the excess fabric on the second side, so now when I sew it together, both sides will fit correctly. I need to recut the front pieces, fixing the length and the neckline (which was way off), and then see how mockup #2 works. I have a feeling *fingers crossed* that that will be the only other mockup I'll need. And that means that hopefully, I'll be able to start cutting the silk this weekend!

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