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June 25th, 2019

My audition yesterday wound up running way long, so I had a lot less sewing time than I had anticipated, unfortunately. And since I still wanted to get things done, despite starting at around 9:15pm, I naturally stayed up way too late. But I did get the other side of the organdy cut out, and I got the two large pieces of the silk cut out for the skirt. I still have to cut out the extra piece of the silk for the bottom of the CB of the skirt, because the pattern is too wide for my silk. I think I'm going to serge most of the three edges that are already pinned in place to the flatlining, and then add in the missing bit, so that the other sides are secured first. And then I have to hope my stripes match up down the CB when I sew the two sides together!

I'm going to tap class tonight, but I'm hoping I'll still have time to at least do that, and then I can hopefully try on the bodice and start attaching the skirt to it on Wednesday (though I do have another audition), or Thursday (though I do have ballet class). At least I'm not working this Friday, so I should have more time to sew this weekend!

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