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June 26th, 2019

Costume College Musings

Our Daniel Deronda group for CoCo on Friday during the day kind of fell apart. At this point, none of us are thinking we can complete our outfits in time, and it would be better to push it off till next year. 

The only problem is, that means I need to reexamine my lineup! So here is what I have set, plus what I can pull from that's new: 
Thursday Pool Party: ?
Friday Day: ?
Friday Night: Fairy Godmother with day bodice
Saturday Day: ?
Saturday Gala: Pink and green stripe natural form gala gown
Sunday: ? (I have the 18th c hair products class in the morning, so it has to be something that can be pretty easily covered with an apron)

Other new costumes this year:
Anna Frozen Fever
1910s white cotton dress
Plaid bustle -- this will either be Friday or Saturday, so that I can just keep the same undergarments/similar hair all day. Probably Friday. 

I do also have the Disney jumper dress and the Merida 1950s bound, but they seem so boring compared to everything else, especially since I wear these sort of things in my normal wardrobe sometimes. 

It is also entirely possible *knock on wood* that I might have a couple weeks to make something relatively simple. Unfortunately, I doubt this could include the 18th c working class outfit I had originally planned for this year, since I would prefer to make that over new stays (and it's also been a long time since I've made 18th c, so there will be a learning curve for that bodice).

As far as sewing progress goes, I did what I had planned to yesterday -- I finished cutting out the additional pieces for the skirt backs, flat-lined them, and sewed them together, making a perfect Chevron! I'm quite pleased with my pattern matching, because usually something goes awry. I'm not sure how much time I'll really have today to sew, since I have an audition tonight, but I'm hoping to at least try on the bodice, figure out the shape of the bodice front, and make sure that the bottom of the bodice back is hanging properly, so that I can attach the skirt. 

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