September 17th, 2019

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I finished the other corset commission last week and shipped that off. This weekend I will probably start on the BB-8 baby dress commission, which is my last for a moment, though I will probably have some stuff for the caroling group to do in a couple weeks. 

But in the meantime, what I'm really excited about is starting my skirt for Disney World. I can't remember if I posted about it here yet, but I am making a light up skirt! I was going to do it on a black base, but I found this fabric at Joanns that is black cotton threads in one direction, woven with rainbow lame-ish threads on the cross-grain. I did a small test embroidery, and it embroiders fine *knock on wood*. I'm going to embroider Cinderella's castle, maybe the Partners statue or Tink, and a bunch of fireworks on it, and poke little holes through and put lights behind them. I found an inexpensive lightweight strand of LED color-changing lights on Amazon. I haven't figured out if it's best to sew them into the skirt, or to tape them in place - if anyone has any tips, please share!

I also figured out what I'm doing for Halloween. Between the commissions, theatre rehearsals/shows, and my Disney sewing, I have almost no time for Halloween sewing this year. But when I was at Goodwill on Sunday, I found a turquoise prom dress that fits me perfectly and was giving off major Ariel vibes. So I'm going to add puffed sleeves (I already have the fabric from past princess sewing), and I bought a red Ariel wig. Easy costume! 

Anyway, we open on Friday, and I work every day until then, so no new sewing will happen till Friday morning (and then only if I have the energy). I'm excited to get this show open, because then I can actually get to rehearsals for my next show!