January 14th, 2020

Velvet bustle update & Youtube stuff

Unfortunately, the aforementioned snow days did not happen. We got like, maybe an inch? Probably not even that much. Not enough to keep me from going to work, in any case. 

So while sewing has happened, I'm nowhere near as far as I wanted to be. I cut out/assembled/fit my bodice mockup over the weekend, and in doing so, I also tried on my skirts. I decided that the most appropriate undergarments shape for this would be my lobster-tail bustle, large bum pad on top of that, then quilted petti, then the ruffled organdy petticoat that I made for the crinolette. The crinolette was just giving too early a silhouette for 1874. Unfortunately, I pleated my skirts to the waistband for the crinolette shape. So now I need to go back and undo the waistbands, and repleat them with more of the fabric in the back and less on the sides. 

Anyway, I made all the tweaks I needed to to the mockup, and it will work for the flat-lining. I decided that with a couple of other small neckline tweaks, the exact pattern would work for the evening bodice and the Tissot bustle bodice as well, so when I took the mockup apart, I cut out the twill flat-lining for both of those bodices, as well as the velvet for the day bodice. The day bodice has been assembled, but it's nowhere near the hand-finishing stage. Next up will be sleeves, and then I can start to think about finishing. Pictures of the progress are on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ladyrebeccafashions/

Of course, I'm probably farther behind because I worked a lot more on the ribbon on the underskirt. I applied one full roll (20 yds) of ribbon to the skirt, and it's starting to look halfway decent already! Honestly, I want to do more of this, because it's mindless and nice, but really, I have to get the bodice to the hand-sewing stage asap, so that needs to come first. Tonight's rehearsal, alas, will have to be sans hand-sewing. And I also got a fairly simple alterations job and an etsy skirt order, both of which need to come first, too. 

Oh, and one of the other things I did this weekend was that I made my first youtube video. It's pretty quick and dirty, because I know nothing about editing (for those of you who do things like this, what programs do you use to edit?). I decided a tour of my sewing room would be easiest. Anyway, if you haven't seen it through FB or instagram yet, here's the link: www.youtube.com/watch

I'd love to try to shoot another one on Friday, and have been trying to come up with topics. Right now the two I've been thinking of are either to examine one or more of my extant pieces, or to go through my process for copying a dress from an image (whether that's a portrait, fashion plate, extant dress, or a Disney princess). Any thoughts?