February 6th, 2020

Almost done!

The bodice is basically done! I made the cuffs yesterday, which are velvet with canvas inside, with more of the velvet ribbon trim around the top of the cuff. They did make the sleeves a bit tight at the bottom because yikes that is thick. But I think/hope it will still work. And I set the sleeves into the armseyes. Picture here. I hope to try on the whole bodice either tonight or tomorrow so that I can make sure it's all good. If it is, then all that needs to happen with it is that I need to tack down the inside edge of the cuff and stitch on some lace to the ends, which I'll do backstage tomorrow night. 

Then tomorrow I will add more bustle tapes and make the sash. My plan is to take one long piece (or multiple pieces sewn together, really) of the silk, flatline it with the supima, put all the velvet ribbon on, and then hem the edges by hand, and tack it on to the skirt. I'll do the hemming backstage, but the tacking will have to be on the form. 

Honestly, other than the chemisette, which I still haven't checked if I have fabric for, I think I will finish this whole dress by Saturday night, if not earlier. Then it's on to the Tissot bustle and all the pleats. That is, assuming I have enough velvet ribbon left...