February 25th, 2020

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As I kind of figured, I didn't get everything done yesterday that I wanted to. I finished all my errands, but I wound up having way more branches down than I thought, so I cut all the branches off the tree that fell, and hauled the trunk out to the street so it wouldn't be in my garden or on my lawn. Then I cleared all the branches out of the backyard, breaking up as many as would fit in the yard waste bin, and piling up the three large branches that are too big for me to cut. I have a friend coming over with a power saw today to help take care of the big ones. I didn't get to mowing my lawn unfortunately. 

I did manage to do some sewing, though. The skirt is mostly assembled, but I realized that I need a wider back panel than 1 width of the fabric. I kind of figured this was the case, so I have two app. 12" strips that will need to be flatlined and sewn into the skirt. Other than where those new panels, go, though, the skirt is assembled, and I even pleated up most of the top of the skirt already, so putting it on the waistband should be a little easier, and I hope to get to that tonight. 

I also cut the strips for all the bodice trimming. I'm not exactly sure what sort of pleated trim it will be - I think I need to look up a little more inspiration first, but before I start playing with it, I need to hem all my strips, because supima cotton frays when you look at it wrong. I'd love to get that started tonight, but I don't know if it will actually happen.