February 26th, 2020

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I mostly fluffled about with bodice trimming yesterday. I hemmed the edge of some strips of the cotton (after trying to see if I could fringe the edges instead, which would have worked fine had I managed to cut the strips perfectly on the grain. But naturally, I hadn't managed that). Then I pleated it all up into spaced box pleats, and pinned each pleat directly to the bodice so that it would play nicely around the neckline. I think I am going to layer gathered net strips (assuming I have more net left over from my turquoise ballgown, or can find more), plus velvet ribbon, and use that as a recurring trim throughout the gown. Though that also assumes that the velvet ribbon I ordered from Amazon yesterday works, since I only currently have enough velvet ribbon for the neckline. 

Here's a pic of the neckline trim.

I did also do my buttonholes, which is good, since honestly, I probably should have tried the bodice on before pinning all that trim into place. I will probably try it on this evening, though I think I might attempt to finish assembling the skirt/waistband first, so that I can also maybe mark the hem. I'm not sure I have time for all that tonight, but here's hoping.