February 27th, 2020

(no subject)

I didn't get to trying on the bodice yesterday. But I did finish assembling the skirt panels and pleated them to the waistband. So now I can try the bodice and skirt on, and mark and pin the skirt hem. 

Then I need to start on patterning/assembling the overskirt. And I should probably do sleeves at some point, too. It's amazing how it can feel like I'm pretty far along on this project, but also totally not...

Anyway, I won't have any sewing time today, since I'm ushering for the Frozen tour tonight after work. But my plan tomorrow is to not leave the house other than doing some yardwork. So I should get a lot done tomorrow! I think Sunday is currently all free for sewing as well. It should be a nice, productive weekend. :)