March 2nd, 2020

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I had two full sewing days over the weekend, and yet, it feels like I got nothing done. The bodice now has sleeves, and the sleeves have their pleated trim, In fact, all the the bodice needs is for the neckline pleats to be sewn down, gathered net to be added on top of that, and velvet ribbon on top of that and on top of the join for the sleeve pleats. And one additional buttonhole and button to be added on top of the neckline trim. 

I also cut out, assembled, and even hemmed the overskirt, and all the bustling tapes have been sewn into place. Both the overskirt and underskirt just need all the pleats added, and hopefully velvet ribbon trim on top of the pleats. 

I've been having a hard time finding the right velvet ribbon trim, but I ordered more in a different shade from Amazon, and it arrived today, so I will be able to find out if that will work. 

So yeah, pretty much this week will just be spent pleating forever. I might cheat and use my ruffler foot, to be honest.