March 10th, 2020

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Sooo, yeah... I definitely did not finish the Tissot bustle over the weekend. And it's still not done. In fact, it feels like it's moving soooo slowly. Over the weekend, I managed to pleat the 7 or so widths of fabric that make up the skirt hem pleats. I hemmed it all, ran it through the ruffler foot, and then painstakingly had to press all the pleats, pinning the bottom of the pleats to make them learn where they need to stay. Then, finally, I attached it to the skirt with my walking foot. 

Yesterday, I did the same thing with the row of pleats for the hem of the overskirt. I'm actually kind of amazed I did this strip all in one day (I mean, it was like 3+ hrs of pleating), but this one went way faster because these pleats are half the width of the other pleats. This one is now ready to be attached to the overskirt hem. 

I have a little under 1/3 of the 2nd row of pleats for the underskirt completed. Part of me almost wonders if I even want to do this second row. For one thing, I had planned to use the wide velvet ribbon to go over the top edge of each of the row of pleats, and I'm 99.9% positive that I don't have enough for three rows. I could sub out the narrow velvet ribbon on one of them, but I'm not sure how that would look. Also, I'm tired of pleating. 

What I've decided I'm going to do instead is to attach the overskirt pleats and then switch projects to the velvet ballgown bodice, which I apparently forgot last Thursday that I still had wanted to do. I already have the interlining pieces cut out, but I need to sew them together and try them on to make sure I like the neckline shape before I cut out the velvet. I'm hoping this can go together relatively quickly, and then I can return to the pleating.

Once I finish whatever pleating I decide on, I will probably also be adding vintage lace between the velvet ribbon and the pleats, which I will have to gather. And I also need to make a hat for the Tissot dress (and probably for the velvet one, even though there's not one in the fashion plate). Oh, and Vicfest starts in 10 days. 

I don't have to do the Fairy Godmother hood after all, though, since Emerald City Comicon was cancelled due to coronavirus. I'm hoping it will be rescheduled to a time I can still do it (they said summer, and I'm busy all of June, plus CoCo), and if so, I will make the hood then.