March 11th, 2020

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I didn't really do what I planned at all yesterday. Instead, I gathered up a bunch of the vintage lace, and attached that and the wide velvet ribbon over the tops of the bottom row of pleats. Then I marked the pleats placement for the overskirt, serged the top edge of that (so that I can potentially cover it with the narrow velvet ribbon) and sewed those pleats to the overskirt.

And that's it. I didn't even dye my hair. Attaching the lace took a lot longer than I anticipated, so it's good that I got one row of it done. And I should have plenty of lace for all three rows. I'm going to gather more lace today and sew that on the overskirt pleats, but I'm going to hold off on the ribbon for now. 

I posted a picture poll on instagram and facebook regarding the 3rd row of pleats, because I was kind of liking the look with two rows, and like 85% or more of people said I should do the three rows. However, I am going to put that off till after the velvet bodice is done, because I'd rather have a whole new bodice than an extra row of pleats. And if there's time after, then the 3rd row will be done. And if not, I'll use the wide velvet ribbon on the overskirt instead. 

Anyway, there's a pic of how it looks currently on my instagram:

Also, all this coronavirus panic is starting to wear on me. The governor banned events with over 250 people today, so all the theatres are either having to cancel their shows, or I guess convince some of their patrons not to show up. I'm ushering a show on Sat night at a theatre that seats about 450, and they said they are going to continue as planned, but with an audience limited to 220... And the tea we had signed up for at VicFest got cancelled, so I'm trying to see if the other tea room still has availability, but a lot of attendees are no longer coming, too. It's all just kind of depressing.