March 12th, 2020

(no subject)

Last night, I managed to dye my hair, gather and attach the lace for the overskirt, and sew the backs and sides of my velvet evening bodice mockup (aka, hopefully my flatlining pieces) together, but that was it.

Everything is just rather depressing and it's putting me in a funk. And now there's rumors that the Victorian Festival might get canceled, though even if it does, I think a few of us might go anyway. Which is good, because I feel like I need to get out and do something fun to keep my mind off all this. 

Anyway, I hope to finish assembling/try on the mockup tonight, make any tweaks I need to, and then cut out (and maybe assemble?) the velvet. If I can get out of this funk. I also am trying to decide whether I should go grocery shopping now, or wait till I actually need to. I have enough groceries to get me through Monday, but what if things are hard to get by then?