March 18th, 2020

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I haven't done much sewing since my last post nearly a week ago, because I just haven't felt like it. They cancelled VicFest, and once they closed all the restaurants in the state, my friends and I decided not to go up there at all. I'm also still one of those weird people commuting to work, though my commute takes about half the time that it did a few weeks ago, which is super nice. I've also been keeping myself busy in other ways. 

Noelle of Costuming Drama visited Seattle this weekend, and it was fun to get to hang out with her a bunch. I toured her around Seattle on Friday, and we met up with Morgan Donner for dinner and fun afterwards. And the three of us also met up for lunch and some fabric shopping Saturday, and dinner on Sunday. 

Yesterday, I tried to run a couple errands. I had an appt at Discount Tire, which they neglected to call and tell me would be canceled since they closed, and I was trying to return a bunch of leggings to Old Navy across the street (also closed). My bff and I had arranged to meet there and hang out during my car appt, so we went to Walmart instead, and managed to find lysol wipes! We also bought everything we would need for the tiny joint birthday party I'm throwing myself and my other bff this weekend, because even if it's just the three of us, I feel like we need to do something. 

So yeah, I haven't managed to do much sewing. I did finally finish pleating the third row of pleats, and I attached them to the skirt yesterday. Click here for a pic. I will probably add the lace and velvet ribbon today, which means that the dress will be done other than the hooks and eyes on the overskirt (which will wait till I try them on). 

I did also record/edit/post another youtube video this week, which is a tour of how I store my costumes.
I think I never posted about the one from the week before, either, which is a reticule tutorial. I'm trying to post about one per week, but it's been made a little more difficult without the events that were supposed to fill this month and make up my video content. So if anyone has any ideas for videos, please send them my way!