March 19th, 2020

(no subject)

Wow, for once I actually did the sewing that I planned to do! 

So yes, I managed to gather/attach the lace to the middle row of pleats, plus do the velvet ribbon on that row and on the overskirt. In other words, other than the overskirt hooks and bars, the Tissot dress is done! Here's a pic.

Tonight, I'm making a birthday present for my friend, and I may also look at making a hat for the Tissot dress, if I finish her project. I was hoping to find good buckram at Joanns yesterday (yeah, I don't know why I thought that might be a possibility), and naturally their buckram was hardly stiffer than crinoline. But I think I have a buckram hat base that will work for the dress. I've never worked with those before, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to cover it, right?

Once I finish the hat, I'm going to try to figure out how to embroider a sweater for my mom. It was actually what she wanted for Christmas, but she didn't give me the sweater till after Christmas. I'd like to figure it out within the next week or so, though, because then I can mail her the reticule I made for her birthday plus the sweater, and it will get there before her birthday next month. 

Since VicFest was cancelled, I think I'm going to put aside the velvet evening bodice and instead start on my 1830s Governor Ratcliffe for CoCo. I will do the bodice for CoCo, too, but I feel like working on something different right now. 

Also, I'm still trying to come up with ideas for youtube videos - would anyone be interested in how I decide to assemble Disneybounds?