April 23rd, 2020

How's it going?

Umm, hi! It's been a month. I caught up on the last two weeks of posts, since that's all I can view, but I think visiting dreamwidth just sort of fell out of my mind, with so much weirdness going on. Especially since, with working at home, I think I actually take less distractions than I do when I'm in the office (reading/posting here being one of those distractions). 

So yeah. I feel like things are still plugging along here. I'm still working four days a week, just from home, and I'm still sewing. Obviously, all theatre and costuming events have been cancelled/postponed. In fact, we had started having online rehearsals for Ragtime last week in the hopes of opening in June, but that has just been pushed off to Oct. Pushing it back till then would have been terrible, since my parents and I were supposed to go to Europe then, but my mom doesn't feel comfortable with traveling overseas this year, so we are pushing that to fall 2021. If things do open up in a few months though, then she and I are going to take a nice US roadtrip instead. 

In any case, I did embroider my mom's sweater, which I mentioned in the last post, plus I made three pillows out of old embroideries (one for my parents), and I've made 10 masks (three for my parents, two for me, one for my roommate, and four for a friend who ordered them from me). I also completed my 1830s Governor Ratcliffe dress

Since I finished the Ratcliffe dress and hat about a week ago, I had started on my Daniel Deronda riding habit and fit my mockup for the velvet evening bodice. And then they cancelled Costume College. So those are getting put aside for the moment, because it makes me sad to work on them. I'm sure I will return to them shortly, especially since I've completed the mockup stage for one, and just need to assemble/try on mockup 1.5 for the riding habit.

But instead, for now I have started an Edwardian jumper dress. I decided on Tuesday that I wanted one, and purchased/printed/assembled the Black Snail pattern, only to find it was not at all what I wanted. So yesterday I drafted up one of the skirt patterns from Period Costume for Stage & Screen (which took me less time than taping together that pattern), and the skirt is currently mostly assembled. I'm trying to figure out how the top part of the jumper is put together -- this is the shape I'm going for, though unfortunately not in velvet. I plan to make a shirtwaist for it, too, though maybe not immediately, since the blouse I bought at Target will do just as well for now. And I should have the jumper itself finished by the end of this weekend. 

I've also been keeping up with my youtube, and have made multiple videos since my last post here, including a couple singing videos!

So anyway, that was a lot of writing. Good job if you read all of that. I'm going to try to remember to check in here at least once a week, if not more often. I hope you all are doing well!