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I finished my pocket! I somehow timed it perfectly, and finished it within five minutes of the end of rehearsal. But now that means I have to figure out what I can take for handsewing tomorrow night. I guess it's time to figure out where I stashed the handsewn 1860s dress project. Though I guess I could finagle bringing my corset pattern and fabrics to cut, since there is a table in the back of the rehearsal studio.

Anyway, here's a pic. I'm quite pleased with it, since as you know, I never like to make things fully handsewn.
A project very long in the making. I finally finished my fully handsewn crewel work embroidered 18th c pocket! #18thcentury #pocket #crewel #embroidery #handsewn #ladyrebeccafashions
Tags: 18th c., embroidery

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