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Jun. 8th, 2017

I wound up having today off instead of tomorrow, but unfortunately, I had almost no time to sew. I was able to finish the body of the train between work and rehearsal the other day, so I spent today's sewing time pleating up the ribbon for the train trimming. At first, I started doing knife pleats, because I had tested box pleats and they didn't seem to give me what I wanted. But after 20+ finished inches of knife pleats, those weren't right either. So I fiddled around more, and realized that what I needed was very tiny box pleats, with about .25" pleated on each side of the box. Naturally, this means that I am feeding the ribbon into the sewing machine three stitches at a time - I have to make little estimated pinches and feed it under my foot, because I can't press it or it will ruin the effect. And since I need about 7.5-8 finished yards of this, this is going to take absolutely forever, which is not good. I managed to make 40" of it today. 

The rest of the day was spent finally getting my dog's nails trimmed, running to the library and Joanns (about $25 and one hour later, I walked out of there with 30 cards of buttons I probably didn't need - I should not be trusted around clearance sales), and then we had an invited dress for my show tonight. I'll probably have about 30 mins to sew tomorrow between work and opening night, so maybe I can get a bit more pleating done. Or at least rip out the part I pleated wrong! 

Oh, and my velvet ribbon came - it's a tiny bit narrower than I was hoping, but it will work fine. And I ordered my fabrics for the Elizabeth Swann dress and the Snow White cape. Now I just need to finish all the turquoise gala trimming in the next week, so that I can move on to the remaining projects... 

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