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Not much sewing has been happening here. Mostly, when I've had time to sew, I've spent it on the commission. But I also spent a good bit of time waffling around not doing much this weekend. I did do some alterations to a Simplicity winter coat pattern, and I think that with my alterations, I can just squidge it out of a piece of 60x86" bright blue wool I've been sitting on (I have two additional pieces about 20x60" each, for sleeves and a hood or collar, and another piece of similarly colored wool that I can use for the front and neck facing.

I need to do a mockup, and I also need to pick up some lining fabric. I was told to look for bemberg rayon, which I think I can only find online, so it might be a bit till I can really start on this one other than the mockup. Other than the bemberg rayon, does anyone have opinions on coat lining (the coat is meant for about 30-40 degrees on average).

Anyway, it's tech week this week, and the next chance I'll get to sew will be Friday, and hopefully I'll get a chunk done on the commission then. One of the commission pieces is almost done, but the other one still has a ton left on it. I also think I'll have another commission coming in shortly, so I may not get to do anything for that Regency ball I mentioned at all. My plan for it at this point, though, is to re-dye some rayon/silk velvet I had in the stash and make a super simple over-robe out of it. Though to be honest, that idea doesn't really thrill me.

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