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Costume College Pictures!

All of my costume college pictures are now up on facebook. This is going to be their permanent public home, since flickr does not want to work for me, and I'm not a big fan of photobucket. However, if anyone wants a copy of pictures I have taken of them, I will be happy to send you the actual image, so you can have the large size.

Costume College has been sooo much fun! I'm really quite sad that it's over. I've met soo many wonderful people, and even remembered most peoples' names! I learned a ton (I now know how to make Victorian corsets, and I think I've become brave enough to make a bustle dress!), and I can't wait to use my newfound knowledge. I'm going to miss dressing up everyday, and miss all the new friends I've made. I really really hope I can make it next year!

Here are the links to my two albums (yes, I took more than 200 post-worthy pictures). Please tag anyone you know!
Set #1: Ice Cream Social through most of the the tea
Set #2: Last bit of Tea through Pool Party
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