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Petticoat Progress

I don't really know why I didn't do any sewing last week. I think it was a combo of time and of mojo. Or rather, a lack of both. But I did have time yesterday evening! The petticoat now has a waistband, and the base layer has a hem, and there is one tier of a ruffle on, too. I'm going to add another tier of ruffle, hopefully tonight. And then I have to make the detachable train part. I have no idea if I'm doing this right at all. I'm trying to make a good 1890s shape that will work for the gala gown as well as for the shirtwaist/skirt outfit I'm making. Hopefully I didn't make the hem too long for that.

I bought some navy wool at a flash sale, which arrived over the weekend, and I'm planning to use that for the shirtwaist/skirt outfit, so that I don't have to cut into the heavier weight wool flannel I have. Part of me really wants to work on that, but I think the reason for my really bad CADD is just that I know the gala gown will be a long project, and making the petticoat (and corset for it, assuming I have time) are the most boring parts. I want to do the pretty skirt decorating! 

In other news, I did a big overhaul on my costumer website, and the gallery is almost completely reformatted and updated. Check it out and tell me what you think! ladyrebeccafashions.com


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