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Theatre Sewing

Monday's fittings went really well for the show - there were several tweaks to be made on Snow White, and one pair of shoes that needs to be reordered, plus one of the actors had a plane delay and wasn't there, so unfortunately we didn't get to try out anything on her (and she has three costumes!). I didn't get as much done on Cinderella as I had wanted to before the fitting, so it had too many pins in it, and I didn't want the actress to try it on. But luckily, they've pushed back the promo shoot to next week, so we have all weekend to finish the costumes.

I was able to hand off Rapunzel, Belle, and Mulan to my second stitcher, and my first stitcher has Snow, Frog Princess's 2nd costume, and Pocahontas. I'm working on Cindy, followed by Ariel's tail. We need to try stuff on the Ariel actress before we can work on anything else for her, and we also have the Frog Princess's ballgown, Sleeping Beauty, and Balroubadour (a take off of Jasmine), and we open in exactly one month. I think we're in a good place. 

I have nothing going on this weekend, so I was planning to spend all weekend sewing. But my weight has been up this week, so I've decided I'm going to use some of my free time to try the free 5-day pass at LA Fitness. I've been debating about which gym to join, so maybe this will help me decide. Anyway, other than that, I'm going to see Incredibles, finish Cindy, hopefully make Ariel's tail, and/or start on my 1890s shirtwaist/skirt. Yesterday, I sewed down all the piping on Cindy's bodice, and added trim to Snow's corset, so at this point, pretty much all I have on Cindy is hemming two of her skirt layers, and attaching the skirts to the bodice. Shouldn't be too bad. And on the plus side, all this work I'm doing on the show has already paid for my fall trip to Dapper Day at Disneyland!

I have been deliberating more on my gala gown, though. I just can't get into right now, and I'm wondering if that means I have to change my whole design plan. Luckily, right now all I have is the base skirt, so I might just have to play around with various embellishment options, and see what calls to me. But that will be after I do the shirtwaist/skirt. Maybe by then I'll want to go back to the original design anyway. 

I'll post pics of Cindy soon - I keep forgetting to take them!


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