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I totally didn't finish the aprons yesterday. We got all the fittings done on everyone that we needed to, and I did finish the 6 eyelets on the one apron, and pinned all the waistbands in place. I've now handed those off so that they can have designs painted on them, and I'll do the rest of the sewing on them on Thursday during rehearsal. What I did last night instead was to start on making a flying carpet rig for one of the actresses. It's made of a piece of hardware store-grade foam core (from the insulation section). It was already mostly cut to size, but I cut wider the hole for her to stand in, and glued purple crushed panne velvet to both sides of the board. I also added straps out of wide grosgrain, which come up from underneath the board in the hole, and will go over her shoulders. It still needs trim, and will also have fake legs sitting on the carpet, with a black curtain of fabric to hide her actual legs. It's wearable currently, for her to use at rehearsal tonight, and I will finish it when I'm at the theatre for Wednesday's rehearsal. 

Tonight I hope to make a pair of bloomers for the show, and get my gala bodice cut out and assembled. I'm also going to Joanns to hopefully pick up the last materials I will need for the bodice. 


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