theladyrebecca (theladyrebecca) wrote,

Finished corset

I finished the Victorian corset today. The fit is definitely not perfect, since it still feels a bit too big in the bust, but the waist and hips feel really nice, and at this point, I feel like it's good enough as is. I think for next time, I would probably wind up using a more sturdy boning than the 1/4" flat steel - it just doesn't feel strong enough. And I would probably use cotton canvas, not coutil. The idea of having a fabric with a little stretch in it for a corset seems strange. And a longer busk, too, but that wasn't my fault. Still, for my first adventure in Victorian corsetry, I'm pretty content. I also plan to add flossing eventually, but for now I'm moving on to other projects.

And my tiara came in the mail a few days ago! I'm quite happy with it.

Tags: corset, ebay

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