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NW Colonial Festival

This month is apparently my costume event month, since every weekend has/will involve costumes. (CoCo, then the Ren Faire, then the NW Colonial Festival, plus next week is Snoqualmie Railroad Days, followed by a costume contest at Disney Trivia). 

So anyway, on Saturday I went to the NW Colonial Festival. Despite the pouring rain that started right after we arrived, it was wonderful! (and the rain did mostly clear up). It's such a gorgeous location, on the grounds of an inn designed to look like Mount Vernon, with views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca on one side, and the Olympic mountains on the other. I haven't done 18th c in ages, so I was actually glad for the colder, wetter weather, because it meant I could wear my riding habit again. I wore it over my quilted petticoat, and I did not regret that decision. I did get warm when the sun peaked out, but it kept me so nice and dry when it was raining - none of the rain got through to me at all! Because of the rain, I decided not to wear the velvet 1780s-style hat I made to go with it originally, and instead, decided to wire the brim of a black wool hat I had in the stash, and make a tricorn. It would have looked much better with feathers, but not in the rain, so I decorated it with a simple ribbon cockade. It's the least favorite part of my outfit, but I think it looked okay. 

At the event, there was a decent sized encampment (way bigger than when I was there in 2015!), presentations and some items for sale from the DAR (I bought a nice cap for $15), some other presentations from reenactors, a tea on the sun porch of the inn, and a battle on the reproduction Lexington and Concord bridge. 

Anyway, here's what you want - pictures! I'll have the rest of the pictures up on Facebook within the next few days. Naturally, I took a ton. 

Tags: 18th c., events, riding habit

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