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I finished all my Silverbells commission sewing last night! It's totally not H/A, and I forgot to get a picture of it, but I think the dress I made from scratch turned out nicely, and fits in well with the carolers' other costumes. 

I decided not to start the Princess Anna bustle this week, which means that I may not even wind up starting it before Christmas. For one thing, I have a non-renewable book due back at the library in less than 2 weeks, and still over 300 pages to go in it, so I've been spending a good bit of my free time from the last two days reading that. And relaxing. And for two, I really ought to make Christmas presents first. I'm making my mom a skirt (she already knows about it, so I can post about it), I'm making a gift for my secret santa person in White Christmas (I'm actually really excited about what I'm making, but on the off-hand chance she reads this, I'm not posting about it until I've given the gift), and I have to figure out what I want to make for my dad, too. So that will be my sewing for the next couple weeks. 

The opening of the show went really well, with three sold-out performances. We're almost sold out for the whole rest of the run, too. I'm just working really hard/stressing out about not forgetting all the dances before Friday! Then next week all the auditions for next year start up, and i go back to having more singing gigs. In the first two weeks of December, I have four auditions, 9 singing gigs, and callbacks. And 9 performances of White Christmas within that time, too. My voice is still not all the way back from getting sick for a month, so I'm definitely nervous about having to do all that. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

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