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Lots of bodices

The plaid bodice is still in its almost-finished stage. I bought the bars and put them on (while sitting in the Joanns parking lot) on Thursday, but the buttons that were supposed to arrive Friday have still not arrived. Supposedly they will now arrive today. 

In the meantime, I started working on the Fairy Godmother bodice. I started with my standard Victorian bodice block, which has a six-piece back, and altered it to have three pieces, because the seam lines on the extant bodice are really obvious. And miraculously, I altered it correctly into the mock-up, and it fit perfectly! I also dropped the armseye about .5" since this is 1870. And I opened the neckline a little bit. It was nice that it fit so well. I'm going to use the same pattern for the evening bodice, just with the evening neckline, even though the extant one only has one dart on each side in the front (and there's no pictures of the back). 

So anyway, I cut out the silk for the day bodice, flatlined it with the mockup pieces, and assembled it. Yesterday, I mocked up the sleeve, attempting to turn my two-piece into a one-piece, and naturally, re-inventing the wheel in the process. I'm sure I could have just started with any old one-piece sleeve instead. I have yet to set the mockup, but that will be my next step. I also cut out the twill layer for the evening bodice, but have yet to cut the silk yet. Once I cut out the day sleeves, I'll cut the silk for the evening bodice. 

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