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Lots of blue and pink fabric in my life right now

I was wrong when I posted last week about what I thought I had already accomplished on the Fairy Godmother bodices. I had only done the day bodice neckline and part of the hem, and nothing else. Whoops. But last night, I finished the day bodice hem and started on the evening bodice hem, and I'm hoping to finish all that handsewing today. I still haven't tested the evening sleeve mockup either. 

Honestly, I didn't wind up with much sewing time at all this weekend, because I had a lot of house and yardwork to do. The fascia on three corners of my house has started to rot (or two are rotten, one the paint has been peeling on), and I talked to a handyman on Saturday, and he suggested what I could do to protect/fix it, at least for now. So Saturday, I sanded down the fascia in those areas, got rid of the soft wood, and put Minwax wood hardener on them. I also took down all the Christmas lights, and cleaned my front gutter. And had the last performance of my show in the evening. Then yesterday, I put wood filler over all the areas that needed it on the fascia, and managed to clear out about half of a huge shrub that ran the entire length and width of the side of my house, and has been preventing me from doing any maintenance over there at all, including cleaning my gutter. I'm hoping that I can get the rest of it out before more rain comes and before spider season comes, but I filled up my yard waste bin for this week, so it will have to wait till there's more room. And then I went to Applebees and (finally) saw the new How to Train Your Dragon, which left very little time for sewing. 

What little sewing I did do this weekend was actually mostly spent on altering my 18th c court gown. I haven't worn it since CoCo 2014, because a) there's not much that calls for an 18th c court gown, and b) it's so large that I would have to get dressed at the venue. But luckily, there is going to be an Outlander-themed 18th c ball this Saturday at a country club with dressing rooms! And also luckily, I pulled it out a week ahead of time to make sure that it still fit. Because... it didn't. Although I was eventually able to lace my stays tightly enough to get it closed, it was so tight that I had a minor panic attack when I tried to get out of it (the hooks and eyes refused to unhook, and I wound up literally removing three of the hooks with my seam ripper to get out of it). It was much more comfortable when it opened up to about 2.5" or so at the bust (the waist still fits, oddly enough). Luckily, it's the 18th c, so I decided I would just add a stomacher to make it work, and also luckily, I pretty much had just enough fabric left to make one. So Friday and Saturday's little bit of sewing time was spent making a boned stomacher with four frilly bows, which will pin in to the bodice to close it. Success! Now all I'll have to do is press the whole gown, and figure out my hair (my wig is way too uncomfortable to wear again). 

Here's a link to my instagram to see pictures of the court gown alterations:

Thankfully, my evenings this week are fairly open, so I think I should be able to both a) go to the gym multiple times, and b) knock out a bunch on the Fairy Godmother bodices. Though at this point, I don't think there's enough time left to squeeze in the Daniel Deronda riding habit before VicFest, too!
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