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My extra fabric arrived! I didn't have enough of the blue silk for Fairy Godmother to complete the skirt trim, but luckily, Val is awesome, and picked some up for me when she visited the fabric district last week. And since the 2 yds showed up yesterday, I decided I may as well work on the skirt trim. The other part of that was, I wanted to do the binding for the evening bodice neckline, but before I cut anything on the bias, I needed to know how much of the pink fabric the skirt trim would require. Luckily, I did all the math on the trim a while ago (hopefully it's accurate), so I was able to just rip/cut strips of the blue and of the pink (the blue is backed with the pink. I sewed each color together to get the right length, and pinned the blue to the pink, so that's ready to be sewn, turned, and pressed, before I can pleat it all up. Then I have to make all the little pink fan bits that go inside the pleats.

I'm not sure yet how the pleated panels are sewn to the skirt, but will probably wind up having to figure that out by tonight. There's no visible stitching!

I've finished the binding on both bodice hems, and I think if I have some time for hand-sewing today, I might start on the hooks for the closures, even though I have to wait for the bars (and I called yesterday, and they're backordered another week! Grr). Because I also sewed in the evening bodice sleeve mockup yesterday, and though I have not tried it on yet, it looks totally wrong! Sigh. I'm hoping it just needs to be turned forward in the armseye, but I guess I'll have to wait till I try it on to find out. 

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