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Weird - I don't know why the picture in yesterday's post isn't showing. When I go to edit the post, it shows up fine. Anyway...

I wound up not having much time for sewing yesterday, since I was trying to go to bed early (I wound up failing the early part, but at least was on time, which is rare for me). I did, however, finish sewing the binding on the day bodice sleeve hems, and cut the bias strips for the evening bodice binding. And I sewed together, turned, and pressed one of the skirt pleated panels. I was trying to sew just while in the commercials of Jeopardy, so while the show was on, I also pressed my overskirt for Saturday's ball. I still need to press at least the front panel of the petticoat, and figure out my hair, but otherwise I'm set for Saturday. 

I'm hoping to actually go to bed early tonight (I'm fighting a cold, and I have a singing gig both tomorrow and Friday), so unfortunately may not get much done today either. My goal is to sew and turn the other panel, plus maybe pleat them both, and to get the pink bias binding on the evening bodice neckline. It's a reasonably small enough goal that I think I may actually be able to accomplish it!
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