theladyrebecca (theladyrebecca) wrote,

Well, once again, I made it to bed on time, but not early. Oh well. Hopefully today's gig will go okay!

I pleated up the lower tier for the skirt, and I made all the little half-bows that go into each pleat.

So now I just need to figure out how to attach it. I'd really rather do it by machine, but obviously then there will be visible stitching, so I may have to do it by hand. :(  I also sewed the two layers of the top tier together, but have not yet turned/pressed/pleated it. I did get the bias on the ballgown neckline, though.

I don't think I'll really have sewing time tonight, because I'm seeing several friends in a show, but I'm hoping that I might have a little time tomorrow. I'd really love to have time to actually put my corset on and try out the sleeve mockup on the evening bodice. And probably redo it a whole bunch of times, as is so apt to happen when dealing with sleeve mockups. VicFest is only two weeks from tomorrow, and I'm really starting to feel the crunch!
Tags: bustle, fairy godmother
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