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Fairy Godmother progress

I had a busy weekend, but a lot of that busy-ness was caused by sewing! Yay! 

My Thursday and Friday gigs went well. I think I am mostly over the bug from last week, but my throat still feels a little swollen, so hopefully today's gig will go well, too. 

I sewed a little bit before the show I went to on Thursday night, sewed some more on Friday before and after my gig, and sewed a tiny bit Saturday morning. Then I attended an 18th c Outlander themed ball! I wore my old courtgown, and it was much fun. I already have a few pictures up on instagram, but will do a ball post on here in the next couple days as well. I'm still editing all the pictures, and want to post them to facebook first, though. 

Then Sunday, I got to stay home all day! A lot of it was spent sewing, though I did also spend a couple hours on yard work. I now have most of the giant shrub gone, which I'm super proud of. I think 1-2 more yard waste bins will take care of what's left, other than the trunk/thick branches, which are too thick for me to get out on my own. 

I managed a little sewing after work, a callback, and an audition yesterday, too. 

So, what all did I do, sewing-wise? Well, for one thing, I figured out how to mostly put the pleats and half-bows on by machine! I sewed across each pleat, but under the fold of the pleat, so that the machine sewing is all hidden by the fold and the bow. Then I stitched the end of the half-bow down, again under the pleat fold. Now, I'm sewing just the fold of the pleat to the top of the half-bow by hand. All of the skirt and neckline machine sewing is complete, and I already did half the hand-sewing on the neckline pleats. So for now, that means 34 to go, plus however many are on the sleeves. I have not yet started the sleeve decoration on the day bodice at all. 

To be honest, that's most of what I did. I also cut/sewed/attached the sleeves on the evening bodice. They just need the other side of the sleeve hem binding hand-sewn. My hooks and bars finally arrived yesterday, so I need to put those on, too. So much hand-sewing! And I have to add the lace to the day bodice neckline, and some net trim to the neckline of the evening bodice. And put some bustle tapes inside the back skirt drape, so I don't pick up all the dirt in Port Townsend with my skirt. 

So basically, I'm getting close, but I have so much fiddly stuff left to do! There's pics on my instagram - I'm too lazy to put them into the post here. 

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