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I'm starting to panic...

Ack! It's really crunch-time now for VicFest sewing, and I still have so much left to do! I got almost no sewing done this weekend, because I spent most of it at Emerald City Comicon. I went the whole day on Friday, leaving the house at about 8:30am, and getting back at about 8:30pm, so I was way too tired to sew after that. Saturday, I spent most of the day cleaning my house, and then had a slightly early birthday party for myself, since I will be in Port Townsend on my actual birthday this Friday. And yesterday I went back to Comicon - mostly for the Rupert Grint panel, but also to take more pictures and see more cosplays (I wore Anna Frozen Fever Friday, and Elizabeth Swann yesterday).

I did get a tiny bit of sewing done this weekend, though. Thursday afternoon, I stitched down I think about half of the pleats over the half-bows on the skirt, and added most of the lace trim to the day bodice neckline. And yesterday, I got 5 out of 10 hooks on the front of the evening bodice (I brought sewing to do while waiting for Rupert Grint's panel), and then when I got home, I managed to get the pleated and ruffled sections prepped and pinned onto one of my sleeves. Of course, since I was already tired at that time, I cut them out totally wrong, but I was able to salvage them with small seam allowances. I'm almost out of the pink fabric now, and still have to cut out all my bows, the belt, plus the half-bows for the sleeves. I hope I can make it!

So here is my updated to-do list. It doesn't look much different from the last one, especially since I forgot some things on the last one!

  • Stitch down pinned-in-place sleeve trim on FG day bodice. 
  • Prep, pin, and stitch the sleeve trim on the other sleeve
  • Make and attach the 16+ half-bows for the sleeves
  • Add lace to sleeve trim
  • Finish the last 5 mins of stitching the lace on the FG day bodice neckline (already pinned in place)
  • Net trim around the neckline of the FG evening bodice
  • Finish the other 5 hooks and 10 bars on the FG evening bodice closure
  • Finish the other 12 or so pleat edges on the FG skirt trim
  • Bustle tapes for FG overskirt
  • Make a belt for FG
  • Make and attach the 7 bows that go on FG. Plus two for my shoes if time and fabric allows.
  • Make a hat to wear with the FG day bodice
  • Add decorative buttons to the front of the plaid skirt. And probably make a hat for that as well, come to think of it. 
  • Pray that the rain currently forecast for Friday, and especially for Saturday, goes away. FG is too big to fit under an umbrella! 

That's a lot to do, and when I type it out it feels even more! Luckily, other than one gig tomorrow night, my evenings are free this week. And I have a feeling I will wind up forgoing the gym on Wed and Thurs, too. My goal for tonight is to completely finish the sleeve trim. Then finish stitching down skirt pleats and the lace trim on the day bodice. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Naturally, other than the few that wind up on instagram, pictures from both the Outlander Ball and Comicon will be coming after VicFest is over. 

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