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Oof. This sleeve trim is so fiddly and time-consuming! It's not that it's hard, it's just that it takes forever. I got all the trim (minus the lace ruffle) completely sewn down on one sleeve. I also prepped all the rest of the half bows for the other sleeve, plus prepped, pleated, and pinned on the pleated section, and prepped (but not pinned) the ruffled part of the other sleeve. There are a total of 62 half bows on this dress, by the way, between the day bodice neckline, sleeves, and the front of the skirt. And each one is sewed down (by machine) inside the pleat, and then has the pleat hand-sewn in place over the half-bow. Have I mentioned I'm terribly slow at hand-sewing?

So anyway, my to-do list today is not much smaller than yesterday: 
  • Finish prepping and pinning the sleeve trim on the other sleeve, and stitch it all down
  • Add lace to sleeve ends
  • Finish the last 5 mins of stitching the lace on the FG day bodice neckline (already pinned in place)
  • Net trim around the neckline of the FG evening bodice
  • Finish the other 5 hooks and 10 bars on the FG evening bodice closure
  • Finish the other 12 or so pleat edges on the FG skirt trim
  • Bustle tapes for FG overskirt
  • Make a belt for FG
  • Make and attach the 7 bows that go on FG. Plus two for my shoes if time and fabric allows.
  • Make a hat to wear with the FG day bodice
  • Add decorative buttons to the front of the plaid skirt. And probably make a hat for that as well, come to think of it. 
  • Pray that the rain currently forecast for Friday, and especially for Saturday, goes away. FG is too big to fit under an umbrella! (It worked - the forecast is now predicting dry weather all weekend! *knock on wood*)
I have a gig tonight, which will eat out a couple hours of my sewing time, but I still hope to complete all the sleeve trim (including the lace), finish sewing the pleats on the skirt, and finish stitching the neckline lace on the day bodice tonight. 

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