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House Projects

I got some done on my house projects this weekend. Namely, my friend's husband came over on Saturday with a chain saw and helped hack up the trunk/base branches of the giant shrub on the side of my house, so that is now gone! Or rather, it is a stump, and about 4 branches that didn't fit in my yard waste bin this week. The branches will go in next week, and I will either live with the stump, or eventually decide to dig it out. But this means I can get to my gutters! So that will be one of the next things on my list, when it stops raining. I have to clean the gutters on that side, mow both lawns, and shape the rest of my hedges. And I found 4-5 gutter guards left over from when I did the back of the house, so I can go ahead and put those up while I'm at it. 

In the meantime, while it's raining, I have my indoor projects! The closet has definitely climbed to the top of the list. Unfortunately, I had to return some of the things I bought from Lowes, because it turns out that not only can they not cut closet rods, they can't even cut closet shelves! When I called Home Depot, they said they could, so I am going to stop there after work today, buy two shelves and get them cut, and probably buy rods from them, too, if they can cut them. Otherwise, I guess I have to go with the extendable metal rods. I also have to get screws so I can put the brackets up. 

On Saturday, I managed to get the workbench out. For one thing, I did find another spider behind something that had been leaning up against the wall under the bench. Luckily, this spider was stupid, and when I started spraying him with poison, he came out from underneath the workbench (on the floor), and I stepped on him. He was the only other one I found, though. Taking the workbench out was really hard. They really had nailed/screwed that thing in there, stripping the heads of all the screws in the process. I was able to get all the screws out, though I had to do it by hand, and wore down my phillips head in the process (the drill couldn't handle how stuck they were). I got enough of the nails out that I was basically able to lift the plywood tops of the bench up, and bend a lot of the nails out. It was really tough. And now I have even more plywood that I don't know how to dispose of, this time with nails sticking out of it...

The shelf unit that had been "built in" to the workshop was actually only screwed in to the wall with one screw, and it is super flimsy when it's not leaning on the wall on one side. So I'm going to put that out at the street and hope that someone takes it, so that I don't have to dismantle it. I might get a cubby or shelf unit eventually, but I have a plastic drawer set that I will put in there for now. I'm just excited to get the bar and shelves hung!
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