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My closet

My closet is finished! It actually wound up being a pretty quick project. On Monday, I installed the left side shelf/rod/brackets, which took me a little over an hour, and seemed somewhat difficult. Yesterday, I turned the shelf unit around, and oddly enough, the wood was much nicer on the back side, and it fit against the wall better that way. I realized if I anchored it back to the wall, it would still be quite functional and probably pretty sturdy, since it had previously held quite a bit of weight. So that's what I did - it has two screws anchoring it to what was the back workbench support beam, which I left up on the wall. I also added the shelf/rod/brackets to the right wall, which took me under an hour, even including a 20+ minute break to allow my drill to get a tiny bit more juice (it died when I put the shelving unit screws in). I'm hoping it was the lack of a full charge that was the reason why two of the screws were not going all the way in. I'm going to go back and try those this afternoon - they just kind of got to a certain point and stopped...

I ordered some more garment bags on Amazon prime, and they should be arriving by tonight, so I think I can even move a bit more in to the closet, though I have a feeling I'll wind up needing to get even more bags. I'm probably going to leave most of the silk and possibly the wool things inside, and put everything else out in the outside closet. Also, anything that is too long for a 72" garment bag will have to stay inside, too. I can't wait to have more room in my coat and bedroom closets, and be able to get the garage a bit more organized. 

My next project will be a quick jaunt back to sewing - I have to get estimates done for two commissions, plus I'm making my mom's birthday present (which is a tool roll-up for her glass tools). And then I'm back to house stuff, painting the 5 lower cabinet doors for my kitchen, installing a new shelf/towel bar in the bathroom, and (hopefully) figuring out my leaky faucet. That one still seems really daunting! 

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