theladyrebecca (theladyrebecca) wrote,

The Star Wars commission is done for now. My client is coming to try it on tonight - I have a feeling the collar needs some alterations, but won't know for sure until he tries it on. 

In the meantime, Big Fish closed yesterday. It was a wonderful show, and now I'm in the weird space of being show-less again. I only even have one audition coming up, and it's for something (that I am unlikely to get) that won't perform till October, so I guess it's break-time, aka sewing time!

Except for the next two weeks, most of which will be spent on vacation. I leave Wed evening to fly down to the Bay Area, and then my mom and I will be driving back up to Seattle in my new/her old car. We'll have one day up here before boarding our Alaska cruise on Sunday! As much as I would have loved being able to bring hand-sewing on the cruise, there's no way I will have any. 

But when I get back from the cruise, it's time to start in on the gala dress. I have to figure out the pattern for the princess dress first, so hopefully that will go smoothly, and the mockup will be successful, because I really want to dive into actually making it. I still need to make my Daniel Deronda riding habit for Costume College, too. 

That said, it's good that I'm going on vacation this week, because my main sewing machine broke last Wednesday. The take-up lever was still going up and down, but the needle bar wasn't. It's probably one screw that has come loose, or something simple like that, but I can't get to it, so instead I have to spend $160 on a full service. I definitely did not need this to happen right now! Anyway, it should be done being serviced right about the time we finish the cruise, so at least the timing works out, and in the meantime, I used my Viking to finish sewing the last bit of the commission. 

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