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Catching Up

Wow, it's been almost a month since I posted. Whoops. Didn't mean to let that happen. And while I had started a week or two ago to read posts I missed during the Alaska trip, I never finished, and apparently I am only allowed to see posts from the last 14 days on my reading page. So that's kind of annoying...

Anyway, I went to California! I went on a cruise to Alaska! I got back just over two weeks ago, and am back to sewing!

The day I got back from the cruise, I finished the collar on the Star Wars commission. Sometime after that, I started patterning/cutting/sewing my bodice mockup for my gala gown. I also just completed a commission of an 18th c style skirt for a drag show. Over this last weekend, I started fitting my bodice mockup - I fitted/altered one side of the bodice, and I am hoping tonight to alter the other side, and figure out the pleating in the back, and where the length should hit before it connects to the skirt. 

I haven't had that much time for sewing, because I have had a lot of other things on my plate, even though I'm not in a show right now. Luckily, I got most of my to-do's done over the weekend, so other than the fact that I've started dance classes 1-2x/week, and I'm trying to use up the last month of my gym membership, I can concentrate on sewing. Which is good, since CoCo is somehow only 5 weeks away. 

If you would like to see pics of anything, Alaska pics are on my facebook, and mockup and other sewing pics are on facebook and instagram

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