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Sewing Weekend

I put together mockup #2 of the gala bodice on Saturday. And for some reason, the fit was way off! So I spent about 4+ hours tweaking the fit, taking a ton more flare out of the bottom, and more out of the waist as well. I feel like there might still be more flare to take out, but I lost patience with it after a while, and it least it was too much flare, not too little, so I decided it was still good enough to use to cut the silk. 

So yesterday, I picked apart all of those pieces and used them as a pattern for the silk! I flat-lined the silk with cotton sateen, and assembled the bodice. I hope to try it on today, but I decided that instead of trying it on yesterday, I would rather figure out the shape for the skirt. I patterned it onto organdy, so that I can also use that for flatlining. I had to add a couple small pieces to my original pattern shape to round out the train, but I think I nailed it! I hope to also cut out the other side of the organdy, plus the silk, and assemble that tonight. That's only the back part of the skirt -- the front pieces are just straight, so should be easy to pattern.

I also have to figure out the CF pink sections of the bodice and skirts, but I think they should be fairly simple. I plan to figure out the bodice part when I try on the stripey section. I also have to do a sleeve mockup, which I should probably do before I attach the skirts, so it is easier to try on. I've ordered the flat lace for the front of the bodice/skirts, but still have to order the ruffled lace for the bottom of the skirt. Why is it so hard to find wide gathered lace?! And I have to decide if I want all the pink ruffles at the hem to be gathered or pleated. 

But anyway, it's coming along pretty nicely! Pictures on my instagram.

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