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The gala gown is basically done. Like, so close that it's annoying. Basically, I just need to tack the pleats on the sash in place in a ton of different places so that they stay put. But that's it. I'm probably going to give it a time out for tonight, though, just because it feels like it's going on forever. 

Instead, I have two other options for tonight. If the 1840s pattern arrives today, I will start on that. If it doesn't arrive today, I will dye my hair, and make a chemise and reticule to go with the gala gown. If both of those go quickly enough, I may also make a bib for gala dinner. We've been planning to do that for ages, so this year we made it facebook official so we'd actually remember. I still haven't decided what I'm making it out of, though. I'm thinking probably just cotton trimmed with cheap lace, so that I can throw it in the washing machine. 

So anyway, I leave for CoCo in 13 days. This is my related to-do list by then:

  • Tack sash pleats on gala gown
  • Make evening chemise
  • Make reticule for gala
  • Make a bib
  • Make an entire 1840s dress
  • Possibly make a balayeuse if my trained petticoat isn't cutting it.
  • Figure out a smaller hat option for the 1910s dress so that I don't have to bring my giant one
  • Dye my hair, and test hairpieces next weekend so that I can go buy other ones if none of my current ones match (this is the problem with having red hair, because all the 27s and 30s are totally different from each other)
  • Pack
I think that's it?

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