theladyrebecca (theladyrebecca) wrote,

Sewing plans for fall

Now that I'm most of the way done with CoCo sewing, I'm starting to think ahead to what I want to sew in the fall/next year. This is what I've thought of so far. 
  • Halloween -- definitely something Disney. I think at this point, it's between the pink and white striped Mary Poppins returns bustle dress or an 1890s Ariel, either with the pink dress or the white wedding dress. 
  • November Disneyworld Dapper Day Trip -- I plan to rewear a lot of what I have already made, and only make one new thing, which I think will be a Dapper bound Rapunzel. 
  • Dickens Fair on the final day -- I hope to have my burgundy velvet fashion plate dress done by then, because I think it would be perfect to wear at Dickens. (This fashion plate, which hangs above my dresser and taunts me every time I see it)

Other things for later next year:
  • Ikea print working class 18th c
  • Daniel Deronda riding habit

Though I'm sure I'll come up with a ton more ideas at CoCo!
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