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I didn't get nearly as much done on my skirt last night as I had intended to, but I think a lot of that is because I decided it would make more sense to add the tier to the petticoat first. Once the petticoat was finished, I started on the skirt. I have all the panels and the pockets cut out, and two panels are flat-lined with organdy and assembled, but the organdy was being a butt, so I had to basically reshape the organdy into the square panel it should have been, which took a lot more time than I had anticipated. I also sewed the lace on my sleeves, and pinned the neckline lace into place. Tonight I will flat-line the third skirt panel, and ideally, finish the whole 1840s dress.

My to-do list is now:
  • Make evening chemise (and go to Joanns for more muslin for it)
  • Put bows on the gala reticule (I purchased ribbon for this yesterday, but I did not love it. I think I may actually wait to add the bows and ties until after I get to CoCo, in case I find something better in the marketplace)
  • Make a balayeuse for the gala gown?
  • Figure out a smaller hat option for the Edwardian dress
  • Add lace to the dining scarf I ordered (?), which should arrive Friday
  • Starch all my petticoats
  • Hand-wash my Anna shirt and tights
  • Double check that my Fairy Godmother belt has hooks and eyes, and add hooks and eyes to my FG petticoat
  • Pack
  • Check hairpieces with my current hair color this weekend, and buy more options if necessary. 
Oddly, I'm feeling so comfortable that I'm starting to add normal life stuff back into my schedule this week. I hope that doesn't come back to haunt me by the weekend...

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