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Sewing Progress Update

1840s is almost done! I finished the cartridge pleating yesterday, and sewed it on to the bodice. I think it looks good. It's probably a little fuller than the average skirt of the time, since I used three 53" panels, but then again, I'm larger than they were then anyway. I finished that at nearly 10pm last night, so decided to skip trying to start the hem. I think I'm actually going to do that tomorrow, since I should probably starch the petticoats first. So that's on tonight's list - starching petticoats and making the low neck sleeveless chemise for the gala dress. 

Pictures on instagram, as usual!

The to-do list is back to feeling pretty reasonable
  • Thurs - Starch all my petticoats
  • Thurs - Make evening chemise 
  • Friday - Hem 1840s skirt
  • Friday - Figure out a smaller hat option for the Edwardian dress, so I don't have to bring my giant one down there
  • Friday - Add lace to the dining scarf I ordered (?), which should arrive Friday
  • Friday - Add hooks and eyes to my FG petticoat
  • Saturday - Check hairpieces with my current hair color this weekend, and buy more options if necessary. 
  • Sunday - Pack
  • Make a balayeuse for the gala gown? (if time - I can't figure out how much it really needs this, either)
  • Put bows on the gala reticule (I purchased ribbon for this, but I do not love it. I think I may actually wait to add the bows and ties until after I get to CoCo, in case I find something better in the marketplace)
  • Add bars to my FG belt (I think I'm going to do this while I'm getting dressed at CoCo, because I would have to put on the whole outfit in order to know where to put the bars.)
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