theladyrebecca (theladyrebecca) wrote,

I'm done with almost everything for Costume College, and it's kind of a weird feeling! Even this weekend, I knew I didn't have too much to do, so I was pretty stress-free, and even enjoyed just lazing around for an hour yesterday. Of course, I'm also feeling reluctant to pack this year, and I think it's because of the starched petticoats. I spent all that time starching/ironing, and now they have to get crunched in the suitcase. :( Plus I think I have more silk dresses than I've brought before. 

In any case, I at least grabbed the suitcases out of the shed, and I've packed up my hats, which all fit nicely into one hatbox. Today, my plan is to remake the bracelet I bought from Macys (it is really pretty, but too small) to make up my gala parure, pack, and maybe make a balayeue for the gala gown. I still don't know if it actually needs it, but if I have time, I may as well make one. 

The only other thing I (probably) have to do is go to the hair store tomorrow and get more pieces that match. My hair is a very in-between ginger color right now, and a lot of my hairpieces are either too yellow or too auburn. And ginger is super super hard to find, so I may have to make do and hope people don't notice the color difference. I'm doing that tomorrow, though, so I'll have one more wash in, in case my hair fades at all. I've only washed it three times since dyeing it at this point. 
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