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August is basically the month of all costume events, where every possible costume-related group in the Seattle area decides to have events that all conflict with each other, even though there's no events the rest of the year. Thus, so far this month, I've done three costume events, with another one planned for next weekend. 

On the first Sat of the month, a few friends and I dressed up and went to the WA Midsummer Ren Faire. I wore my kirtle again, since my doublet dress is just too warm and too much effort for this faire. We didn't spend too long at the faire, but we looked around at all the booths, watched one show (because Broon is too good to miss), took pictures, had some meat pies, looked around a bit more, and then left the faire and went to Sonic. It was a warm day, and I think we were all really feeling the heat. I didn't take that many pics, but what I did take are here. 

Luckily, this weekend was much nicer. I was originally supposed to go to the NW Colonial Festival on Saturday, but this year they decided to make all the pretty photo spots around the inn and by the bluff off limits, and they weren't having a tea this year, I decided that the 3 hrs each way drive was just not worth it. Instead, I planned an 18th c tea at my favorite tea house in the next town over from mine, and we had an absolutely delicious tea, and then wandered around the garden taking a ton of pictures of each other. Amazingly enough, I have already posted these to Facebook. We were originally supposed to go to a historical house nearby and go antiquing, but we had so much fun taking pictures that we ran out of time. Maybe another time, especially since I've decided that we need to do an 1830s or 40s Christmas tea there. 

At about 11pm on Sat night, while looking up when a Christmas event was going to be held at Fort Nisqually, I found out that they were actually holding an event this weekend, too - an 1855 brigade encampment, with living history type demos, and a bunch of activities going on at the fort. Luckily, my friend Emily was also up for two events in one weekend, so she and her husband and I headed to the fort on Sunday. We checked out all the goings-on there, had the best pretzels I've ever had (made in their big outdoor oven), and then decided to go check out the flower garden that's in the same park as the fort. It was so gorgeous! The dahlias were in full bloom, and the roses smelled wonderful. So naturally, we took lots of pictures yesterday, too, but I have yet to go through those. 

Next week is Snoqualmie Railroad Days, and then that's it for costuming events this month, I think. 

In sewing news, I have made a Dapper-dirndl Rapunzel dress, which just needs a hem. I might also add lace to the neckline, sleeve hems and skirt hem, and embroidery around the skirt hem, but it's currently wearable besides the hem. Next up is a commission, and then I hope to start the pink and white striped bustle from Mary Poppins Returns, which will be my Halloween costume. 
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